Groggy Frog Thai Massage

You are welcome to bring loose/stretchy clothing that is comfortable to move in or we can provide some for you to wear.  If you are in jeans you just won’t get the full benefit.

If you have some favourite music that helps put you at ease you are welcome to bring it.

Come a few minutes early on your first visit to allow time to fill out the necessary paperwork.

Please bring cash, credit card, or a cheque, as we do not accept debit at this time.

To make an appointment you can call or email Kimberley at


kimberley’s bio:
Kimberley’s work with the human body began in 2004 when she was certified as a mat Pilates Instructor.  She is excited to bring that knowledge to her Thai Massage practice. 

She began training in Thai Massage in Spring of 2009 under Master Thai Massage Practitioner Deanna Villa at the Thai Massage Toronto School. 

Upon completing her evaluations for both Level I and Level II she received a perfect score.  She continued her training there completing the most advanced courses the school offers.  She was then hand picked to work in the school's clinic where she received additional mentor-ship for a year and a half She is currently insured by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. 

In Thai Massage and Pilates Kimberley has a gentle touch that gets to the root without unnecessary  tension. 

Kimberley is in good standing with with the following associations.

THAI: Thai Healing Alliance International

NHPC: Natural Health Practitioners of Canada


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things you might like to know...
Traditional Thai Massage
Your massage will be tailored to your needs and what your body is capable of on that day.  Kimberley’s intuitive touch will stretch and compress your muscles to allow any blocks and tension to fade. To do this, she will use hands, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet to guide you through a series of postures that, among other things, balance the body, boost the immune system, releases stress, improves circulation, increases flexibility, and centres the mind. 

Herbal Heat Massage
This comforting ancient technique is used to increase your relaxation, ease pain, clear sinuses and reduce insomnia.  Thai herbal bundles are steamed and applied to your body using rolling and compression.  The pressure and heat combined allow your muscles to release.  At the same time the aromatic steam soothes the respiratory system and opens the pores of the skin. 

The herbal heat fused with traditional Thai massage is not to missed!