Commitment Plan


The more often you receive the longer the effect of each treatment lasts.

Muscle memory is one of the main reasons for the cumulative effect.  In the first few weeks we work on teaching your muscles what it feels like to hold the body in proper alignment. 

First 4 treatments in 4 weeks*

- only $220 ($55/90 minutes)

That’s less than half-price!!  It is our intention for newcomers to experience the difference Thai massage makes through these discounted 90 minute treatments. This package’s regular price would be $360.

After you initial 4 weeks of treatment most bodies just need maintenance.  How long your body has been carrying its problems or how severe the difficulties are will dictate how soon you need to come back.  Many clients continue to continue once a week but the average is once every two weeks or once a month.

It is hard to carve out the time we need for ourselves but sometimes all we need is a little incentive.  Book today and feel the difference!

*First-time clients only


Thai Massage has a cumulative effect.  This plan is one that works best for most bodies.  It keeps you committed to better health and getting the most out of your massage sessions.

Thai Massage has a cumulative effect